Saturday 12 September 2015

Wordless Week

I've been back at work, and NOT in the sewing room for what seems like a very long time!

And no sewing generally means no blogging, unless one of the girls has been up to something . . . Yep!  Niki this time!

Her 'friends' (I shall be having words)  bought her a bungee jump for her birthday!  Why would they do that????  She hadn't planned to tell me when it would happen, to save me from worrying, but when she said "On Saturday I'm . . . oh no, I'm not telling you that", I kind of guessed!

It didn't help that I was away for the weekend - but the girls friends I was with distracted me with chat, shopping, chat, alcohol and more chat, so I coped!  Thanks Lainey, Lise and Mal!

So photographic evidence of Niki's jump

Or I can email you video evidence if you'd rather!

Here is my distraction shopping, all packed up ready to come home with me

Other things we did on our girly weekend: played Lego

(added a brick or two to the model of Durham Cathedral)

And afternoon tea in the sunshine


  1. there are some brave or should I say daft! people never would I be brave enough to do a bungee jump!! Sounds like you had a good time Durham I hear is a lovely city

  2. You mean to say that you've never done one?!? Hope that Niki enjoyed her jump! You clearly enjoyed your 'distraction' shopping as well as the rest of your weekend away! xx

  3. Nope, don't want to see it!! Tummy turning at just the photo!! I'm so glad you didn't have sons judging by what your daughters get up to!!! lol

  4. Well done to Niki! Scarier for you than her, I expect - no wonder you had to by fabric :D And the lego is amazing! Hope to see you back in your sewing room soon x

  5. glad you enjoyed you time away ... do not feel that you have to share the "evidence"!!! the picture .. and the thought of it is MORE than enough!!


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