Monday 21 September 2015

Quiet? Or Quite a Lot?

I haven't blogged for the last week or so as I didn't feel as if there was much to blog about, but that really isn't the case!

First let me introduce you to my new babies:

Possibly to be christened Lemon and Sorbet, these were an early birthday pressie from the family, aren't they gorgeous!

Next I can show you two exciting postal packages:  Not exciting on the outside . . .

But awesome on the inside

A free sample from Spoonflower (thank you Kathyfor giving me the head's up) and a fab goodie bag from Just Jude as I won a giveaway on her blog - I'm really looking forward to some therapy colouring with this fabric.

I have done some sewing too. Renee (Wren) gifted me some unwanted charm squares and they included some sock monkey fabric.  Inspired by Fiona's recent quilt I bordered the charms with two sides of 2" and two of 1.5" strips. There were 23 blocks which didn't quite make a top, so I also embroidered a sock monkey to fit a double block, so it will look something like this

Last Monday, at Richmond and Kew quilters, we played with some thermofax screens, and I came home with these blocks.

I wasn't sure what to do with them, so I have made up some zippy pouches.

One has gone to a friend, but the others will go back to R&K group to be sold or our craft stall at next month's exhibition.


  1. I love your zipper swatch! I picked some budgie birds - gifting it to friend in Japan who has one of these birds too. Really thinking of getting a bird myself. Loving the blue color - I've always seen the yellow/green birds.
    Great job on keeping ahead of the stash.

  2. 'Next months exhibition' I like the sound of that :-)

  3. there are eye candy and delicious and colorful fabric combo.Great projects and hard to choose only one best favorite.
    Have a fun week.Happy sewing.

  4. They are so pretty! I had a budgie called Buddy when I was little. I can remember him being in the car, in his cage of course, when we used to travel to my grandparents for Easter and Christmas. He used to love it!

  5. Joey & Zoey look so sweet! I have not been able to convince my hubby that these are the perfect pet, but have great memories of the few I had years ago. My first was a beautiful blue, almost purple, named Jimi (yes, after Hendrix:). He was the only one I have had without a mate and I was able to teach him quite a few words. Are those zippers your Spoonflower sample?

  6. I like what you did with your prints. The pouches look really great - even the lining is cute.


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