Thursday 30 January 2014

One Hundred Days of Happiness

I recently posted that I've joined Instagram: my daughter Lisa is taking a photo of something that makes her happy every day for a 100 days, with the hash tag #100DaysOfHappiness. Well I think I have at least 100 days of happiness tied up in a gift received yesterday.
Jen from Quilter in the Closet and I agreed a private swap, and I sent her an iPad bag and on goodies a while ago, and yesterday her creation arrived:
I can't get over the fact that this is*mine*

The perfect piecing, and the fab FMQ

The lovely wording: "Friends and Quilts make like more colourful"

A thread catcher with the tiniest pieced squares

this gorgeous rainbow of the same fabrics in the star and the flying geese, and the thread catcher

And a label - which I never thought to add to the iBag

Oh, and goodies too!!!!!
I can't tell you how much I love this, but I can tell you I won't be hiding it under my sewing machine! (Jen has even put tabs along the top so I can hang it instead)

It is beyond gorgeous,
and I love,




Thank you Jen I feel very honoured that you made it for me

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Sewing School

Busy ladies sewing at school tonight .  . . 

Tara worked on a reversible bag, and an unmbrella wall hanging (very appropriate given the weather!)

Naomi worked on a bolster cushion - the stuffing was taking longer than the sewing!

Tracey is working on the tooth fairy cushion,

And Kate has learnt spray basting and quilting!

Thank you ladies!

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Finishing the Fun at Broom Farm

The local authority have changed the way they charge for adult education - as Broom Farm is an army base, the agreement was that the army wouldn't charge for the room, and the local authority wouldn't charge the army wives for the courses.  

The authority have now taken it into their heads that the army wives have to pay - not taking into account that they cant get jobs as they don't stay in one place long enough, that the army moves them around with no regard to where their natural support group (mum, sisters, aunts, long term friends) lives, or where their replacement support group is (other army wives, health visitors, children's centre staff, army welfare staff, adult education  teachers (!) and that their men are putting their lives on the line for our country

So some of my ladies didn't come back this term, as a lot of their men are being sent to Afghanistan.  Three did come back, although one knows her man leaves in two weeks, and the other two's men are expecting orders any day now which will see the whole family moving again.

So, as if the army isn't treating them badly enough, the authority has decided to cut the class!

So we have asked the welfare officer very nicely, and she has said we can still use the room, the girls will pay the weekly rate to me, and we'll carry on with these great projects. 

Lauren's Monster Quilt . . . 

Cara's working hard to finish a pillow for her husband to take to Afghanistan

And Bekka is making a ticker-tape quilt using lots of lovely fabrics

Monday 27 January 2014

So Easy to Shop

I think it may be time to stop shopping and start sewing!

Some Christmassy fabric, needed for the scrappy trip around the world

And some Kona solids from Justine at Simply Solid (who could ignore 20%off? Thanks Justine)
But I do think I'll stop here (unless, of course, I see something else I *really* need, or at a true-good-to-be-true price!)

Saturday 25 January 2014

Instagram Issue

Lisa persuaded me to try Instagram - I couldn't really see the point, but I gave it a try (the things we do for children eh?)  I also signed up for Twitter before Christmas, for a particular event which in the end happened elsewhere in cyberspace.

I dip into Twitter occasionally, but it doesn't do anything for me, but Instagram is a whole different thing - I love it!  If I've got hold of the right end of the stick, it's a bit like blogging but one photo per post and far fewer words, followers can comment or [like] or can move on. 

I think that I would maybe have chosen IG (get me, jargon already) instead of blogger if there had been a choice at the time

So, IGers - please let me know your IG name so I can find you (Hadley, Katy, Nicky, I've found you :-)

And because a blog post should always have a photo, here is a recent photo of the yellow hexie quilt

Friday 24 January 2014

Immitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery ...well I hope Sheila (Blue Patch Quilter) agrees, as I have imitated a fab idea of hers!

I first saw her Mega Pinnie on  Hadley's Flying Blind blog, and fell in love - you can see why, isn't it awesome
(hope you are happy with me 'borrowing' your photo, Hadley xxx)

I did download Sheila's (FREE) instructions, but one of my many failings is a reluctance to follow instructions, so I grabbed some fabric

And got going.

I ditched the wadding, and used heavier fabric instead, I ditched the quilting, I ditched the patchwork (impatience is another failing) and in about an hour made this

 Well - an hour to stitch, and another hour to stuff!!!!!

I added a needle sheet, and a cord to hang a spool of thread on, and elastic and a short pocket for the scissors as I was running low on the fabric.  If I was making another one I might add a handle, its actually a bit difficult to move from one place to another as there is no obvious place to hold it, but I love it!

(Hope you can see  what you are looking at - photography is yet another failing!)

Thursday 23 January 2014

Sewing at School

Wednesday night went well at school, with 8 people coming to join me: two children and six mums, with a variety of projects - cross stitch, cushion pads, tooth fairy pillow, patchwork quilt, jazzing up a jumper, learning to use a sewing machine, and turning two curtains into a quilt!

I was kept busy all night, sadly too busy to remember to take many photos, but I snapped two as we were clearing up

Kate's patchwork

And A's Crossstitch


Tuesday 21 January 2014

Christmassy Trip Around the World

I don't seem to want to stick with any one project at the moment, so today's stitching has resulted in another seven STAW blocks

They will be sashed like this when they are joined, unless I decide I prefer the sash-less arrangement!

I've had to stop now for a while with this project as I need more variety in the light fabrics - don't worry, it's on order!!!!

Which does remind me, I've been doing some other shopping - with so many bloggers on a fabric diet this year I feel the responsibility falls to me to take up the slack!!!!

There is a rainbow charm quilt in the planning, and a rainbow hexi quilt, so of course I needed these (and aren't they pretty!!!!) and one pack is Jackie's so that makes it all OK

Monday 20 January 2014

Borderline Bully

*I* don't think I'm a bully, but I have some friends that might not agree!  A group of us from a few churches meet a couple of evenings a month, and at the moment we are reading a book: which involves one person reading aloud, and the rest of us listening.  So I decided we should be multitasking!

I took along squares of paper, strips of assorted fabric, and strips of pistachio:

And introduced them to paper pieced string blocks - making them sew while they listened and chatted - we got 5 finished and another three started - I don't think they minded too much

 No bullying was needed at the new Broom Farm class, the girls were raring to go - or roaring to go?  Lauren has designed this quilt which is going to be awesome

Rebecca is making bunting for her sister in law's wedding

And Cara  is making a pillowcase for her husband - he is due to go to Afghanistan next month, and she is making it for him to take

Doing well ladies!

Sunday 19 January 2014

Sizzix Suggestions

Thanks for all the suggestions for what to do with my miss-cut tessellated stars

In the end I decided to go with the original plan, even though I'll possibly have to make two smallish ones rather than one large one. NEXT time I'll cut the fabric correctly!!

So I stitched these blocks into pairs

and pressed them

That's enough for now :-)

Saturday 18 January 2014

Indi's Art

My favourite favourite niece lives in Australia and is 7 years old.  She drew me a lovely picture and her dad emailed it to me:

and with the magic that is PEDesign and my Brother embroidery machine ... I have converted it to a machine embroidery!

 Hope you like it Indi!

Other catch ups - Harry and Niki as Ash and Misty (with Mario!!)

And I had a great afternoon at Chertsey Museum yesterday: the ladies made Infinity Scarves:

As usual, individual pictures, and Show and Tell pictures are on the Fun With Fabric blog

Friday 17 January 2014

A Few new Friends

The new course at school Started this week: I had no idea how many to expect, but had three "can't come this week will be there next week" messages! In the end Niki came with me, and two lovely ladies came, so a slow start, but a lovely evening.
All set up waiting . . .
Kate brought a book of fabric samples she had got her hands on: we couldn't peel the stickers off, so she had a lesson on rotary cutting and pretty soon had them all cut to a usable size. This pic is lack and white as we were considering their values, but in fact they were all lovely: very calm creams, yellows, pale blues reds and greens. She got most of them sewn into strips before we left - lots of ironing to do next

Tara came with fabrics to make a bag for her niece, and has the bag planned and cut (and stitched and unstitched, but we shan't dwell on that!!!)

Niki also stitched - she's working on a charity quilt, but I didn't get any photos

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Ash Wednesday

The Church's Ash Wednesday isn't until 5th March, but today was mine.

Niki and her boyfriend Harry are going to a fancy dress party on Friday, and are going as Ash and Misty from the Pokemon cartoons.

Misty is quite easy: Niki already has denim shorts and yellow tshirt, and bought red converse and red braces - sorted

 Ash is a bit harder,

So they bought a blue shirt, and I set to it with scissors, sewing machine and white and yellow fabrics - hope Harry Ash likes it!

Now I'm off to school - I've got a new sewing 'club' starting there one evening a week - it's been advertised through a number of schools - I hope some others turn up and I'm not the only one there!!!!