Tuesday 31 December 2013

Sort of Scrappy

I'm a member of the Yahoo group BQL, and there is a challenge to make the Scrappy Trip Around The World quilt. I was inspired by Jackie who has already started

Having received a small red Christmassy jelly roll for Christmas I thought I'd join in and make a Christmassy version: I've cut all my Christmassy fabrics into 2.5 inch strips, but haven't yet started sewing them

I have done *some* sewing though:

The selvedge edge quilt has been started, but now I need another 160 inches of 5 inch strips, so it will be a while before it gets finished.
The lovely Fiona from Celtic Thistle blog [sorry no idea how to make a hyperlink here] has offered me some and I have graciously accepted - if anyone else has any needing a good home I'm happy to swap for scraps, FQs, machine embroidery, chocolates... Pretty much anything!!!


  1. looks like fun x Happy New Year x

  2. I had some but lost them in my sewing room re-design. I also mis-placed my work apron pattern as well as my pajama pattern. Probably a few more items that have been 'stashed' (lol) in special places.
    If I ever find them it will be probably after you finish this lovely quilt.
    I would be happy to send them your way if an when I find them.
    Happy New Year!

  3. To create a hyper-link, once you've typed the words that you'd like to become the link, select them by click and drag. Once they're selected/highlighted go to the top of the formatting panel and next to the little photo (that you would click to add photos to your blogpost) there is the word Link. Click on Link and a box pops up. You can then go to the very top of the windows tabs and open a new tab and find the website you want to link to. Once you have that open, copy the address by click and drag to select, then right click to copy. Then close that tab and you should arrive back at your blog post writing page with the Link box still open. Paste the address into the box and you should be good to go! Do email me if I haven't been clear enough, would be happy to send more info.

  4. You need to stop buying jelly rolls and start buying yardage to get the selvedges ;o) And what Nessa said on the links :o)

    Happy new year!

  5. So far I haven't kept the selvedges, but I might from now on, your quilt will be gorgeous and fun.
    I haven't started on the quilt around the world either, too many wips.

  6. A Christmassy STAW quilt sounds like fun Benta! I need to get a move on with my blocks for this round of the STAW swap, the deadline is January 15th and I haven't even looked at the fabric requests :)

  7. This is looking great. I think I probably cut my selvedges too thin but I'll have a sort out and see what you think. Happy New Year!

  8. No selvedges to offer - sorry - but I think that your quilt so far looks awesome! Glad that you are going to play along with the BQL scrappy challenge. Me too once the DDs are back at school!


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