Thursday 19 December 2013

Super Soft Seasonal Scarves

Tomorrow is the last day at school, and I suddenly realised I hadn't made anything for the 4 colleagues I spend most of my time with.

So I cut strips of fabric 8 inches x width of fabric from Christmassy fabric and some velvet, and some pashminas that could be sacrificed.

I used a strip and a half (so a length appx 8 x 60 inches) of a plain fabric and a Christmassy fabric, and stitched them along the long sides, right sides together, all but the end 3 inches of each edge

Then I turned the scarf right way round, and stitched the two ends of one fabric together


I then folded back two ends of the second fabric to where where they should meet, and pressed them


I stitch the ends of the second fabric together, and machine stitched the opening along one long side, finally closing  the final opening with hand sewing, and I now have four Christmassy, super soft, infinity scarves


  1. Very good, mine got rum truffles!

  2. They look lovely very snug!

  3. These are lovely Benta, your colleagues are lucky ladies!

  4. You make it sound so easy, brilliant presents .

  5. Very lucky colleagues you have! Have been slow in keeping up as you've been so busy but have just read through. Agree about the minkie! lol


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