Monday 30 December 2013

Scraps of Selvedge

So I finally tidied my room so I could get in, and then I couldn't think what to sew! I'd found a half made Christmassy basket so I finished that

But then what?  I thought about starting a scrappy Round the World (yes I know I'm ages behind the rest of you) but then I remembered an idea I'd had in the middle of the night

I have been collecting selvedge edges for ages, and have 20 or so 5" squares plus lots of extras

I made one panel 10x20, and two strips 5x20 and two more 5x30, then I made 4 fan shaped 5x5 blocks.

There is lots of trimming to do, but I think this layout shows quite well how it will look

The plan is then another border of purple, and then one more of selvedges, but that will take 160 x 5 inches plus four more corners, and I certainly don't have that many more strips at the moment, so this is definitely a long term project (but not a UFO!!!!)


  1. Super cool!
    Wishing you a fabulous New Year!

  2. Fun idea, love the corners especially

  3. It looks very cool! Happy New Year

  4. That is terrific, specially the fan shaped corners.

  5. Great use of your selvedges Benta!

  6. I like that very much!!! X

  7. What a lot of selvedges you've collected. I've only got a small bag of them looks like I'll have to get more sewing done!

  8. Wow, that's gorgeous! I'm ashamed to say that last year I threw out a bag of selvedges, but have started collecting them again!


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