Saturday 14 December 2013

Customer Catchup

Sometimes I feel like making something new, sometimes I feel like working on a UFO, but other  times (albeit very rarely) I actually feel like doing something that I *ought* to do

So finally the last of seven cushions for a friend/customer has been completed

 And the ripped coat sleeve for a colleague . . .

. . . has been repaired

Now back to pretty stuff :-)


  1. I'm hoping that 'ought to' thing will be catching me again tomorrow!

  2. Although the Selfish Seamstress is not posting as often as we would wish, I believe you need to go peruse her archives so you never sew for others again!
    That underarm on the coat leads to jeans hemming which can only lead to couch cushion sewing. Think about yourself!

  3. It's law at difficult to do the things we should do because it's never fun!

  4. You must be feeling very virtuous now Benta!


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