Wednesday 11 December 2013

Patchwork Package

You may remember a week or so ago I was a guest at a virtual Baby Shower.  We all make gifts for the party as well as for Sarah and the bump (currently known as Bean)

I contributed two sets of scissor tags, which were won by Leanne, and they finally went winging their way to Canada today.

And today I received the gift I won.  I actually missed the announcement as to *what* I had won so it was very exciting when  Reene from Nellie's Niceties (love the alliteration, Reene) contacted me for my address and told me she was sending me some off-cuts of fabrics.

Packaged in a lovely cotton bag

were all these pieces of fabric!  Reene called them scraps, and, as she says, other people's scraps are more interesting than our own, but look what a packed goodie bag of yummy fabrics I got!

Some lovely chucks that will go with the rainbow charms for when I'm ready to start that idea that is lurking in my brain

And some selvedge edges (I already had 34 stitched 5" squares of selvedge edges , so am now closer to my goal)

Reene, thank you so much :-)


  1. Yay! Lovely to see you got something good :-)

  2. Yay for fab exchanges. I need to send mine out on Saturday

  3. An amazing mail.Have fun playing with them!

  4. They look great! Other people's scraps always do seem more exciting :)


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