Tuesday 3 December 2013

Monday Madness part 2

Yesterday evening saw me back at Oakfield school making costumes for their Christmas play: the traditional tale of Cinderella at the Nativity (yes, really!!!)

We finished the last of 15 outfits, 

and made a dozen sparkly twirly skirts for the stardust children 

Then home for a well earned glass of wine, and a sleep!


  1. I love the sparkly twirly skirts and the glass of wine sounds lovely:-)

  2. You will be finding sparkles in the strangest places for days now Benta :) Cinderella in the Nativity sounds like an interesting combination!

  3. All sounds like hard work, but I'm sure that it will be worth it once the curtain rises (or the first child wanders on, at least!).

  4. That sounds like some well earned wine.

    I asked a little girl what role she was given in the kindergarten Christmas play. She was uncertain and kind of mumbled, but I heard her say Joe or something like it, so I said, "Oh, Joseph". "No," she said, "What's the name of the joey kangaroo that was there when Jesus was born?". That one had me stumped :)


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