Sunday 15 December 2013

Finally A Finish

It seems like a long time since I finished something,, so I'm pleased to show you It's
A Hoot finally finished

(and you can just see some of the oiled kitchen work surface, also finished, unlike the walls!)

Was it on the Christmas list?
Did it need to be finished?
Are there other things which DO need to be finished in the next ten days?

I'll leave you to guess the answers!


  1. its Christmas so I think you can be forgiven!! lol x

  2. Ha, I can't guess the answers for fear of my pot handle emerging ;o)

  3. Enjoy your Christmas and its a lovely finish

  4. Very cute! You say "finally" a finish, but it seems like you finish an awful lot.

  5. I agree with Newbie Jen - seems like a lot of finishes happen on your blog! Kitchen surfaces finished? How exciting! The quilt looks super too!

  6. I have stuff that keeps queue jumping like that!!
    Well done though xxx


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