Saturday 28 December 2013

Christmas Cache

I was very spoilt this Christmas:

Lots of sewing and fabricy goodies from the girls

And from some lovely mums at school,


And felted robins from Jackie

I just haven't managed to get near the sewing machine for four days: I think I need to do some tidying!

Hope you had a good one



  1. Great haul, but yes, get cleaning now missy!

  2. What lovely presents! I can see that you at least need to clear a path to the machine now, though! Just a few more days to finish off any projects that you'd planned to get to in 2013 before the 2014 list starts!

  3. glad its been a good one x Hope the New Year finds you well and happy x

  4. Lovely gifts! And you're not alone in having a dimensional sewing space. The mess in mine is not of my making but comes from another timeline that accidentally keeps bumping into mine! :-/

  5. Lovely gifts Benta, hope you have managed to reach your sewing machine by now!

  6. Great pressies. My craft room is ten times messier than yours, that's part of the reason for taking time away from blogging to declutter


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