Tuesday 10 December 2013

Happy Hooting

A few years ago I was given an Its A Hoot charm pack, back in June I cut the charms in half, and stitched them in strips with pink charm squares. 

And they have sat, hung from a coat hanger from the ironing board, ever since.

Until I got an urge!

So I satisfied the urge, and now have this ready-to-bind quilt top

And there are two strips left over, so I think I will make a cushion to go with the quilt.  I'll be adding this to my to-do list, so I can cross it off!!!


  1. Nothing like scratching a good itch occasionally on the making front

  2. This is wonderful! I think I have this fabric too ; )

  3. Looks great Benta, definitely an itch well scratched :)

  4. A great feeling crossing things off a list!

  5. I remember really liking this one. I'm glad you've got back to it :)


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