Monday 2 December 2013

Monday Madness part 1

Once upon a time it seems like a good idea to teach two adult education classes on the same day, a day I also happened to work at school.  It turned out wasn't a good idea! I love both classes, but it's exhausting!  Anyway today was the last triple day!

The Broom Farm girls were finishing projects, apart from L who has a shiny new sewing machine and wanted to learn how to drive it (and I never got a photo :-( gutted !  Although I did manage photos  of the yummy cupcakes she'd made, before they all went

C's finished bunting

T making binding for her quilt

D tacking binding on the cricket quilt 

And D who brought in a finished dress- on the cutest model!

I've really enjoyed this term


  1. Hope you're getting more of a breather next term!

  2. Why do we plan like that ... I do it all the time, and I ask myself that question over and over again ??? Glad to hear the triple class time is over for you ;-))

  3. Sounds like it was hard work but a lot of fun, hope you have a less hectic schedule in the New Year.

  4. yummy cakes to made you feel good are a start to helping you have "fond" memories of a hectic time xx

  5. What a very productive class!


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