Wednesday 4 December 2013

Sarah's Saturday

I didn't tell you, I joined the strangest party on Saturday- a Baby Shower for the lovely Sarah who blogs [here] and who is having a baby soon.

Sarah lives on the Shetland Isles, but Rhonda from Cumberland Gap, USA, decided to throw her a baby shower . . . despite there being nearly four thousand miles between them - so it was a virtual baby shower!!!!!

We tried a video conference call, but some of us couldn't join with video. I managed to watch and listen to the others and could join in with typed messages. Sadly Sarah had no broadband, so she joined us by landline phone, not able to see anyone, or show us what she was opening, but as soon as she mentioned whose present she was going to open next, Rhonda whizzed to the appropriate photo from the Flickr so we could all see what was being opened.

The hand pieced, hand quilted ISpy brick quilt I sent seemed to go down well: some really super gifts had been sent to her.  It was a great party, thanks Rhonda, and thanks to Sarah's mum who took lots of photos of the present opening

The rest of my Saturday was largely spent finishing piecing my Christmas vanishing 9 patch and machining the binding to the front: I have used the softest chenille fleece on the back, it's going to be sooooooooo snugly!


  1. You realise Sarah will be playing I Spy with herself for weeks now ;o)

  2. What a lovely idea for the baby shower and well done on the Christmas snugly!

  3. What an unusual party. Been over to her site and seen your brick quilt on there, she's had some lovely things

  4. technology allows us to connect with the most unlikely people xx its wonderful .. and so is your warm red quilt xx

  5. That's the oddest baby shower I've heard of - but it still sounded like fun!
    Love your Christmas disappearing nine patch too!

  6. Absolutely lovely thing to do. We'll done you all.


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