Sunday 11 March 2018

2018 Wk 11 - Gillian Travis appliqué 

I spent most to the day at a workshop arranged by Richmond and Kew quilters.  It was run by Gillian Travis ( who does a lot of repeated applique blocks where blocks are made in twins on light on dark and dark on light.

Simply put, a square of bondaweb is ironed onto a square of batik.  A shape is cut out of the batik, and both the shape and the square missing the shape are placed on, and bondawebbed to, contrasting squares.  Gillian has done vases, mittens, sweaters, pomegranates, pears: all sorts of shapes.
Many of the ladies used a fab array of colours, but I stuck to two colours, 4 different fabrics (all provided by the lovely Plum)

I really enjoyed this part of the class.   Next I need to trim all the blocks to exactly 4” square, and arrange them on backing fabrics butting up to each other, and zigzagged together.   The next bit will be much harder!!

I will be dropping the feed dogs and free motioning around the shapes.  I have 20 blocks so far, each pair of twins representing something from my life - I will make some more as I think of other things, but this could be procrastination to put off the day when I have to start the free motion sewing!!


  1. You did really well to get so much done in the class. I love the positive and negative shapes

  2. Wow, that's really effective!! You can do FMQ!!! Just use a practise sandwich to loosen up before you start.

  3. These look great. Its a very clever idea and I think your limited palette of fabric is very effective :)

  4. Now I want to do this. I love the flip-side reverse image thingy. Spray adhesive is your friend on fmq.

  5. I love what you have done with this Benta, what a great class it must have been!

  6. Hi Benta,
    Your blocks look great! What sewing machine do you use? I really want to master free motion quilting ..... I have to cover my feed dogs but I’m wondering if I really need a new machine!
    Barbara xx


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