Sunday 25 February 2018

2018 Wk 9 - A Catch Up 

My work bench seems to be permanently cover with Parish Council papers and Pumpkins uniforms to be embroidered, but that’s all far too boring to even photograph let alone blog about, so here is some other stuff:

I’ve printed and laminated all the templates for the Farmers’ Wife blocks (I’m calling mine a Handyman’s Wife quilt!)

And they’ve all been cut ready for each block as I get to it (I’m currently making the blocks in order)

Number 4 is finished, and number 5 nearly finished

The girls’ kitties are suitably appreciative of quilts, especially if rolled up to make a nest for them! (Yes there are two kitties, even though Luna looks as if she’s Thor’s shadow, and half his size!)

These patches were done for a customer - I’m trying not to get too twitchy about his intention to glue (!) them onto their eventual home

And we had Stitch yesterday: welcoming 8 new members (including one very brave but lovely lad) and have a lovely pile of bag and liners ready, and next month we will concentrate on the shields.

We had two smashing teenage girls too - who now know how a sewing machine works and used one to make some liners, and also had a go on an overlocker (here on the right) . Next month they are going to make themselves a bag each!


  1. I love the Handyman’s wife quilt blocks. Glad to hear Stitch is proving to be a success.

  2. Stitch sounds like fun. When I first started my blog I planned to make the Farmers Wife quilt but I only managed a couple of blocks before getting distracted by other things. I like the sound of a Handyman's Wife and you're off to a great start. I like the fabrics you're using :)


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