Friday 9 February 2018

2018 wk 7 - Irish retreat

I’m at Jackie’s for a lovely long weekend.  Sewing has been a bit slow but chat and catchup and cuppas has more than filled any gaps!!!

We made cork boxy pouches

We made a leather zippy pouch and coin purse

We made a blocking octagon so these yummy crocheted octies can be blocked before being joined

And we’ve worked out a way to join these La Passigalia cogs

Jackie had made a knitting project bag (from Attic 24) but it stretched as stuff was added.  We folded a length of fabric into four, then drew around the bag also folded in 4 and ended up with this shape.  We’ve stitched into a lining shape and are now joining it to the bag.


  1. Wow! Great stitching there you two!
    Barbara xx

  2. Reminded of this song.
    ...and the wheels on the bus go round and round...

    La Passigalia cogs - love how you decided to join them up.

  3. OOoOooo I haven't sewn with cork yet - I haven't seen it anywhere locally (not that I get to a lot of quilt stores!), and it's expensive to order. I was just looking at the Joanns website (we're headed Stateside for a long weekend road trip) and I noticed that they have a cotton print that LOOKS like cork. I put it on my shopping list! It's probably the closest I'll get to that type of fabric, until the price goes down and it gets more widely available :D


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