Saturday 3 February 2018

2018 wk 6 - ooops

I was making a quilt for my step-sister’s second grandchild.  Six months ago I made this for the first one, Liam

And knowing his cousin was on the way I planed a similar but different one for her.  She arrived in December, and I remember thinking June was an unusual choice of name for a December baby.

But somewhere along the line ... maybe having spent an afternoon with my friend Jane, and having Rod Stewart’s Baby Jane song in my head for some reason, I managed to finish her quilt and embroidery her A name

Just in case you missed the problem - baby is called JUNE, quilt is embroidered

So, sigh, now I’m making *another* quilt to send to Baby JUNE!

So far so good

Fingers crossed the name goes ok tomorrow!

I also making 30 or so patches for the pre school (being hand stitched to little fleece zippies) before starting on 60 or so sweatshirts and polo shirts.

Next weekend will be MUCH better - I’ve just booked my flight to Ireland for 4 days with Jackie!,!


  1. Woo hoo roll on Thursday 😀

  2. I'm sure you will figure out something to amend the Jane quilt! Have a lovely time away with Jackie!

  3. To be fair Benta, June is an unusual name to give to a baby born in December!

  4. Lovely quilts, Benta. I thought you were going to say that the baby was actually Jane, as June is such an odd name for a December baby!
    Barbara xx


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