Sunday 28 January 2018

2018 wk 5 - class prep

I actually got to turn on my sewing machine today - woohoo!!  After I’d finished the meeting minutes and helped Lisa with her tax return I ignored the big boxes of uniforms to be embroidered and cut some fabric and sewed it back together!!!

Sooooo therapeutic!   I made a sample twisty thread catcher.  It’s not finished so I can show the ladies the various stages

I also did some painting!  I’m teaching a class later in the year where we’ll stick fabric and fabric related stuff onto card, paint the whole lot with black gesso (?) and then add a thin layer of bright colour (I’ve got purple, red and blue) then add a little bit of metallic wax (pewter, bronze and mother of pearl) to highlight the raised textures.

I expect it has a name in card making circles, but “painting” is all I can give you, apart from photos

Nice result but only just fabriccy (and the black gesso is like tar - sticks until you can eventually peel it off hands, jeans, cutting boards (!) etc) but the ladies want to try so we will


  1. Very cute fabric for the thread catcher and interesting result with the painting!

  2. I like your thread catcher Benta, you are a very useful person to have around :)
    The fabric painting sounds interesting (but messy!).

  3. I like your thread catcher and I think those hearts look amazing. It may be messy but it's a wonderful effect :)

  4. Love the fabric for your Thread Catcher, it’s really cute!
    Wow, interesting painting.
    Barbara xx


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