Sunday 7 January 2018

2018 - Wk 2 Chertsey - waste fabric

The Christmas tree has been put away, I've had four days back at work, I've done my tax return, the new bedroom is sorted (and very 'cozy' - aka small) and I finally have a working computer in the new sewing room so things are heading in the right direction!

We had the first Chertsey Museum session of the year on Friday.  The finished EPP Christmas stars were brought in and admired: Some other were still up with Christmas decorations, others had been put away - Stephanie made 4 and strung string between them to hang her Christmas cards from!  I think we'll call that a success!

This month we were making waste fabric.- basically strips of waste fabric woven over rug canvas.  It's difficult to see from the pics but there were some great colour combinations here - I especially liked the ones that used black and white and a bit of colour.

Once the weaving has been done, the fabric is stitched on a sewing machine

I've told them to use all the fancy stitches they have never use - and to use up all the odd bobbins and spools of thread that aren't really worth keeping but we do because we don't like waste 

I look forward to seeing them next month

My sewing room is now looking like this

a bit busier than when it was my bedroom

And I keep trying to remember it's husband's office too!!!!!  (the wardrobes will eventually go!)

And finally - Goddaughter was delighted with her Christmas pressie:


  1. Good start to the year! Hubs doesn’t need that much space. Really.

  2. You are too industrious for me. And clean.
    And using up your waste fabrics and threads and stuff.
    Stop it!

  3. Interesting rug project!
    Wow, what a lot of selvages! Nice quilt!
    Barbara xx


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