Sunday 10 May 2020

2020 Wk 19 - sorting stuff!

I have dug out various UFOs that have been stored in all sorts of places.  This pile is flimsies waiting to be attached to fleece

This pile is waiting to be hand quilted or hand finished

This one was a quick win - I quilted it whilst listening to an audio book this afternoon, whilst also attending to Lizzie with her embroidery, and the binding was already cut so that has now been attached - another hour or so in front of the TV and this will be finished.  I cant find that I've blogged about it before: I am fairly sure they are Aldi fabrics from Jackie.  Gorgeous bright spring colours

It can join the various piles of stuff in the sitting room: you might have thought I was content with having the biggest room in the house for my sewing room but that is clearly not enough room!!!

Lizzie has been working on pre-school polo shirts: It is really lovely not to be working on the burgundy for a change!

I have finally completed the last dark row of this and have decided to call it a day.  It is in the flimsie pile

A quick make: my niece in Norway had her second baby last week.  I made this quilt for number 1, Saga, and thoroughly enjoyed embroidering her name in usual letters and how it would be written in Viking runes, and also in runes type letters.  Her new sister is Theia, and Great Grandmother explains "Both names have a mythological background: Nordic and Greek, fit together well: Saga and Theia, it seems they have made a good choice."

So having gone Viking on Saga's quilt I felt I have the opportunity to go Greek on Theia's!  There is even a small patch of Greek fabric!

And I embroidered her name in Greek looking letters, normal letters and Greek letters! 

I will post it with crossed fingers: things are looking better on that front.  The first American quilt was delivered and well received (Step Mom's comment is on this post) and the Irish quilt has been received, and the second American quilt is being tracked.  The Aussie quilt - no news :-(

 Basil has been stitched back together and I made him a onesie to protect him for damage for a while

 I've been doing a bit of baking - Cheesie Marmite swirls went down well at the VE Day party, along with the bunting made for the Queen's birthday 4 years ago

And Kay and I made no-knead bread which was better than expected

And husband and I went out, together, in public, and saw people!!!!

Not quite a date night, and not breaking any rules ...

We went and gave blood!


  1. Well done on the hexies and the Spring colours one. My living room looks a bit like yours, I have managed to spread myself all over it!! You and Kay are doing really well with the baking. c

  2. Gosh Benta! You are certainly packing a lot into these lockdown days :) Your hexie top looks lovely and such a lot of work.

  3. What beautiful projects - as ever! That tiny onesie looks fiddly, but you've got a fab finish on it. LOVE the hexies, love the bright spring one, love that you still have a pile of flimsies to deal with (as well as some other projects!). Well done to you and Brian for giving blood. As you say, not really a date! Your baking looks fun! We enjoyed some baking over the weekend too, but I have to say that I'm drooling over your marmite and cheese pinwheels. They might have to go on our list for next weekend!
    Keep up the good work on inspiring us all! xxx

  4. Great sorting going on there! Didn’t find my Slimming World magazine by any chance did you? Lost that one. Thank you for giving blood too. Having been a recipient a few times I can’t now give.

  5. We just received a postcard from daughter mailed in New Zealand around April 7. Their post office was shut down but has finally reopened. No one has told me their etsy order has been held up.

    Good job sorting and ‘cleaning ‘.


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