Tuesday 26 May 2020

All Caught Up

Sorry - two lots of agendas, two virtual meetings and then two lots of minutes to write up, and audit documents to sort out rather took over the last two weeks, but now I'm back!

Several more Gingers have joined the Thank You window

And in close up they are:

(for more details on any of them visit my Coping With Covid Facebook photo album or message me)

I made a time lapse video of how they are made - it's not brilliant but quite fun

I've been hand quilting this in the evenings - I bought the fabrics in Australia in 201, so it is a a long term project.  Unfortunately both the dark red fabric and the fleece below are thicker than is ideal so my fingers are suffering a bit (I need to find a thimble) but I''m plodding through doing a few lines a night

Niki and I did a (socially distanced) art class last week.  This was the image I chose

Niki's came out well

Mine???  Not so much!  Each time I'd mix a colour I'd use it all then need some more and of course couldn't make the same colour again!  Also we were painting outside so the paint dried long before we could blend it in!

I shortened the potato-sack dress and now have a top that I rather like.  As this fab weather looks set to continue I might try a sleeveless version too

I tried speed dating the PFP blocks, but someone else claimed priority on the bed so that hasn't happened yet

I had a fab Crafty Catch up with Sharon, Lynne and Tara - show and tell and a cuppa and a lot of talking!  Great to see them all

And I am hoping I am coming to a natural end of masks: 91 made and delivered and a final 22 on the sewing table and I've used up all the t-shirts and shirt fabric that was prepared for the masks, and have delivered all that have been asked for


  1. I have no idea how you manage to fit in so much! I love your painting (and Niki's too!), love your top - it looks great teamed with shorts like that, love your quilting projects, and I'm impressed with the number of masks that you've made. What are my favourites, though? The 'thank you' gingers in your window! Will raise a smile for anyone! xxx

  2. That's a mammoth amount of work! You window looks great and I really enjoyed your video. I don't know you manage to get the clothes in the right place. Well done making all those masks :)


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