Wednesday 6 May 2020

2020 Wk 19 - the weeks blur into each other

I saw a meme about the days being renamed Thisday and Thatday and Theotherday - I can really relate to it - I know days are passing as more UFOs are getting finished off, but other than that each day is very similar to the next!

My lovely friend Lora popped round with a challenge more suited to the "Repair Shop"  We got a selfie which also shows the Gingers in the window! (Pics below)

Meet Basil (go, on, do the Sybil voice, you know you want to).  He is very loved, but is falling apart, so Lora has relectantly asked me to foster him for a few days and try and sort him out!

My Dad and hid wife became great grandparents again a few days ago - and in finding a quilt for the new granddaughter ...

I remembered that the 3rd GGC hadn't had a quilt, so I put Luke's name on another one.  They will go in the post today with fingers and toes crossed!
(During Lockdown I have sent one quilt to Bellingham USA which came back and has gone again tracked this time, one to Australia (1st April) which hasn't been delivered, and one to Ireland which hasn't been delivered!)

I've finished the May hexie flowers for the swap group

And used Kay to help bake a chocolate cake for husband!

There is a young girl in one of the neighboring houses who has been infected during lockdown - nothing to do with COVID 19 ... she's been infected with the crochet bug!  This project has not made me happy.  It started too wide, then got frogged and restarted, and has become horribly distorted and I have fallen completely out of love with it - so it has gone to Tilly to make something beautiful out of it!

Tilly's mum is a tutor with the Brush Strokes group.  She isn't working at the moment but when I signed myself up for an online class she lent me an easel and brushes and helped me sort out paints etc.  I have a lovely evening totally ignoring the world problems and painted this

I've got another one booked for a few week's time, and am really looking forward to doing a real class with Judi soon

The latest few Gingers have gone in the window: Someone in the village suggested a Zoo keeper

This is the lad next door who loves to bang his up-side-down saucepan on a Thursday night

And I have no idea how I would cope without Mr Amazon doing so  much shopping for me!

And finally - I had already done a postman, but he was generic - this one is "my" postman!!!!

Most of the family so far:

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  1. I know what you you mean about time blurring. I keep feeling that everyday is groundhog day! Basil is adorable and clearly very much loved (and will will glad, I'm sure, of a sorting out) and I love your new lockdown people and the elephant. Your hexi flowers and quilts also look great but it's annoying about the post. Perhaps the postman should be put to face the wall for a spell - the generic one - not your one of course :)


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