Tuesday 9 June 2020

2020 Wk 24 - Hello Blogland People

I cant believe it's June already: we are nearly half way through the year!

I finally received a delivery of white fleece so prepped a whole load of flimsies for quilting:

The Hexi rounds,

A spare I Spy

A spare Children's quilt (probably going to Linus Quilts)

The EPP Elongated Pentagon Plus Quilt

And then I got to quilting!  The children's quilts aren't very exciting, but I'm rather chuffed with the Hexie Rounds: Lizzie did the first 8" of spiral which is the really hard bit, and then I took over and went out to the edges

I used the same Lizzie spiral on the plus quilt.  No need for me to carry on, the 8" was perfect.  

I wondered whether to do every centre and have them overlapping but I halved the work and just did alternate ones.  I need to visit a shop to get the right binding for this one, so it'll be a while!

This quilt found a good home with a colleague's daughter for her 10th birthday

The girls and I attended an on-line painting party, I'm not sure we are made to be painters but it was a great evening!

The Australian hexies and stars quilt top has been quilted, has had borders added and has had the binding finished.  Annoyingly the latest delivery of black isn't the same shade of black as the one I used as the infill border - cant be helped as I cant go to a shop and compare: at least it's finished!

My current hand sewing project is Windsor Castle again.  I didn't like some of the tree designs, so I'm unpicking and replacing with smaller more random stitches


  1. Love your Windsor Castle - is that your habitat quilt for RKQ? I've got an idea for my kingfisher, but haven't managed to make it happen yet.
    The hexies look fab too. Actually, everything does - and I love the spiral quilting and your ingenious way of getting the spiral started! Clever you!
    Another batch of lovliness - thank you for sharing! xxx

  2. You have been very busy. I love all of it but especially the hexies. Well done Lizzie on the spirals

  3. I really like the spiral quilting Benta, I am thinking of doing something similar on a quilt that I am working on at the minute. So, if you have any tips I will be all ears :)

  4. Yay for getting things done! Black really has to be one of the most annoying colours simply because it’s so colourful!


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