Tuesday 23 June 2020

Mostly Gingers

I have finally finished the Key Worker and Local Hero Gingers: these were some of the last few:

Jim working in a data centre

Lisa working on her lap top

And Niki on furlough!!!!

And then the whole gang together:

They are starting to be auctioned, but I found I was too addicted so went on to make others - some birthday gingers

A bee keeper Ginger

some pupil and teachers from the village Pre-School

A graduate

A whole load of mini Graduates


Ginger with Flowers

Initialed T-shirts

Masked Gingers

And a copy of a grandchild's handwriting

And then I Got Thank You Gingers - utterly speechless!!!

And the kids in the two villages had a virtual Fancy Dress party and I didn't want to be left out!!!!

Sorry to saturate this post with Gingers - I'll try not to post too many more!!!


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