Friday 31 December 2021

2021 Week 52

Happy New Year to all

I must have been a good girl in 2021 as I was very spoiled at Christmas:

My little gang of Ginger Fans in the villages outdid themselves!  Look at the awesome Gingers I received from them!!!!

This cross stitched card from Niki

These awesome goodies from Jim, Plum, Jackie, Niki and Kathy: things made for me and things to make!  Thank you all so much!!!!

And this advent calendar stocking from Sharon (must take a pic of the finished version)

In other news: Niki and I helped with Meals on Wheels on Christmas Day - and she got cuddles with Monty and that made her day!

Lisa was trying to finish Niki's Christmas pressie: a heavy (t-shirt yarn) crochet blanket but the cats had other ideas!

(Niki loves it !)

And so does Thor!!!

Photos of this years' (and last years') Julenissen flooded into my inbox and social media - it makes me so happy to see them!





Thanks to Alice I have now sussed crochet "magic circles" and have started on squares for a blanket using up oddments from my previous blanket

And I made a decision about my not-enough-wool-to-make-a-big-shawl-but-not-enough-money-to-buy-more-skeins problem. I overlapped the ends and stitched them in place so I have a cowl/scarf and I might have ordered some variegated wool and a pattern to make a big multicoloured shawl at far less cost than even the skein I bought so far of the original plan!!!


  1. You DID do well x Happy 2022 to you all x

  2. You have been busy - and nice to see that others have as well! I particularly love Lisa's (now Niki's!) crochet blanket! Happy New Year!! xx

  3. You deserve to be spoiled. I love Niki’s new blanket. Great cowl/scarf.
    Happy New Year. Fingers crossed for a crafty one!


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