Friday 17 December 2021

2021 Week 50

 Are you ready for Christmas???  I'm not - the sewing room is full of have finished projects and I dont even know who is coming over, or when!

People have been sending me pics of my tree decorations going on their trees - I love to see these!


Gingers have been taking part in next door's Elf on a shelf antics!

And I was asked to design and stitch a tangoing couple - I know the recipients as well as the giver - I hope they all like them!

I had a lovely play with Plum's small weaving look (here on Amazon, no affiliation) - thanks Plum: vintage (50 years or so old) knitted socks now mended again!

And a not too successful Ginger - he's wearing a waistcoat and a jacket with tails, but you really cant see any of the detail.  He's gone on the back burner while I think about him

Right - back to stitching out a set of three kings for the Vicar's Christmas pressie!!!!


  1. I’m definitely not organised. I need to get sorted this weekend. I love all the Gingers. I must sit down and do that relaxing bit of hand sewing. X

  2. Such a neat darn - I'm very impressed! Gingers are all amazing - so inventive and fun. Mine is on the tree too! There is a whole week to go - so no need to be organised yet, surely?!? I'm more or less sorted, but things are never quite as finished as I hope. Never mind, there is always finishing in January in time for next year, which I'm quite a fan of! xxx

  3. The gingers are just incredible Benta! What excitement there must be next door!

  4. Lovely to see all the Gingers on trees, they all look fabulous!
    Eeek, that darning thing! I’ve got an old one somewhere, heavens knows where, I’ve been wanting to try it for years ...... one day!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the latest Ginger, such fun!
    I wasn’t at all ready for Christmas - I’ll be doing some Xmas finishing in January next!
    Hope you had a fantastic Christmas despite you know what!
    Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year.
    Barbara xx 😊


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