Tuesday 7 December 2021

2021 Week 47 (part 2)

 We had a lovely session at Richmond and Kew quilters . . . . fusion crochet!  Starting with a fabric square (with a substantial seam allowance): add blanket stitch and then crochet onto the blanket stitch.  I need to sort out 'stepping up' but this way I dont need help starting!!!

A whole load of ginger gnomes / tomte / Julenissen tree decorations have been made

and some stuffed versions with bells on their hats too

I was asked to make this digital design into a patch

and I'm quite pleased with the result - waiting to hear from the customer!

We had a day trip to "The making of Harry Potter"  - it was great . . .

. . . I hope it's not too sad that my favourite picture is this floor mosaic!

And finally a pic of me!  I don't often like pics of me, but I did like this one!

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  1. You have been a busy girl! Love the Christmas fusion coasters - I intended to make something similar, but I suspect that as I haven't started them by now, that I probably won't be (or at least, not in time for this Christmas!). It is a lovely photo of you! But then you always look gorgeous! xx


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