Saturday 18 August 2018

2018 Wk 34 - catch up

I've been doing the boring pre-school embroideries, but also some hand sewing, embroidery design and prep for the next few Chertsey Museum classes.

This mandala pattern is one that I designed and stitched using variegated thread - I've since made the satin stitch wider, so we'll see how that comes out.

I finished the edges of the two interchange wall hangings:

And I created this celtic cross embroidery design

It needed several tweeks, but I've now stitched it on the purple stole fabric and the two sides are ready to be stitched together to make the reversible stole

At Crafty Church we have started getting ready for our Remembrance day (100 years) display.  We've decided to go with poppy shapes.  (or rather approximately poppy shapes - I see a red snowman, but I have been assured that when I see loads of them I will see poppies - and to be fair they are very similar to the British Legion poppies!)

Janet is taking the sizzix and the circle dies to cut poppies for all 36 from the village involved in WW1

 I'm teaching Quilt As You Go hexies at Chertsey early September, so I sizzixed these

and made some of these
 which will be joined into this sort of shape

And finally, not me, but Jackie made this and I think it's far too gorgeous not to share! Perfect for a baby girl's essentials - a few nappies and a pack of wet wipes: and a pocket for mama's phone too


  1. Gosh, Benta! All your embroidery looks fantastic!
    Lovely finish for the wallhangings!
    And the “Quiltalong” hexies look wonderful! A great idea!
    Wow, Jackie, lovely fabric, zip, handles, everything .... such a professional finish!
    Barbara x

  2. Your new machine looks to be doing a great job! I love the mandala. I'll look forward to seeing more o those hexies :)

  3. You have been very busy. I love the mandala. Hexies are looking good

  4. The poppies are a fab idea! Well thought! Love the interchanges too.


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