Sunday 3 March 2019

2019 Wk 9 - Flowers, flowers and more flowers

The village is looking really pretty - volunteers were out a few weeks ago picking up litter and the daffodils are out (as was the sunshine on the day I took the photo!)

I spent the service in church today making felt flowers ready for Mothering Sunday (I did listen to the sermon too!!!)

And the lovely Chertsey Museum ladies mostly used flowers as a theme for an applique wall hanging

I've been getting ready for a long flight coming up soon - I need hand sewing for the flight so I have prepared LOTS of hexi flowers.  

I wanted a small pouch to hold them, and the finished flowers, and the sewing kit and thread, so I used a leg from a donated pair of jeans, and an arm from a donated shirt and I used the hexi needle case as a template to make a drawstring bag

I didn't use any interfacing, but the denim was sturdy enough to stand up and the shirt was soft enough to flop down, and the whole lot is squishy enough to fit in any bag I take for hand luggage.  Even the ribbon arrived wrapped around some fabric so it's completely recycled.  The base is hexagonal but it looks more circular.  

I reckon by the time I've made and added all the prepared flowers this will be a completed flimsy

 And not flower related . . . after the stress of making Dalwyn's last stole he came up with a much improved plan!  He *bought* a stole (for £10!) and I embroidered on it - he didn't even need me to take it apart as he reckoned the back was neat enough even if it did show - so that's all done!


  1. I love the drawstring bag. A very clever use of fabric. Fabulous flowers all round

  2. The daffodils look wonderful and your hexies are growing beautifully. The bag is a great idea :)

  3. You are almost as good at recycling as me.
    I was going to make you a little flimsy with the flight charm squares you gifted me, but, in the end, I petted each charm and re-stacked. (*need to age more in stash)


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