Saturday 25 February 2017

2017 Wk 8 - Mostly buttons

On Thursday I taught a WI (Women's Institute) class at Chertsey Museum.  As a finish I can only show you my sample as the ladies have some more work to do on theirs

At the end of the session theirs looked like this:

A "J" and a tree: a heart and an abstract pattern

A butterfly and a flowers (stalks so far); and a roof of a house

And me?  I stitched some buttons too and finished my fleece poncho: and took a rubbish photo of it!

Back to work tomorrow!


  1. LOVE the buttons as an artist would use paint xx

  2. Great buttons! Love the poncho!
    Barbara x

  3. Yes that is a dreadful photo of you. Have one taken!! :)

  4. Well - first off, the polka dot cellphone case is TDF (to die for), and the ponch looks very soft and comfy :) I love collecting buttons - I try to add a few to my zipper bags when I think of it and have time :) I pinned a fall project a while ago - it's just a simple pumpkin shape, filled in with orange buttons - I thought it very sweet and ME :D

  5. You always post the most fun projects.

  6. would never of thought of a tree with buttons but it works so beautifully. Poncho looks good liking the wavy mirror might I be right in thinking it is from Ikea?

  7. Fab use of buttons. I especially love the trees :)


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