Saturday 21 February 2015

Message for Meg

I was recently contacted by a lovely lady called Meg who wanted a label making for a quilt she's made: her first quilt, for her first grandchild who is currently under construction.

She sent me a few emails, including a pic of the lovely quilt, and came to see me yesterday, (the quilt is even more gorgeous in real life) and we sorted the wording and colour for the embroidery, and can now sit back until the baby arrives so I can amend the name and the date

Unfortunately I've managed to lose her email address - so Meg, if you are reading this, can you message me and let me know if you like this!

I spent much of Thursday in an enormous shopping centre with Niki - she lost a bracelet a few weeks ago, and we have been replacing the various charms with the insurance money.

We did see some sewing related stuff - this lovely sweatshirt in Uni Qlo

And these sewing machines in the window of All Saints

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