Wednesday 11 February 2015

Fabulous February

Oh my gosh - February is pretty darn fabulous this year, and we're not even half way through!  At the very end of January (so able to be enjoyed in February) I received two surprise packages (blogged about here) then on Monday this week I received back my consequence quilt and I cant even begin to tell you how delighted I am

And this morning I woke to an email telling me I had won the instructions to this bag from Emma, from Liz's blog: Moments which ties in perfectly with a recent donation of fabric!

Where to start?

OK Richmond and Kew quilters - we all, all 13 of us, got our Consequence Quilts back.  I didn't get photos of anyone else's but they are all fab, and really diverse.

Mine, of course, is the best!

Just look:

I contributed the fabric together with very vague "any design - what is your favourite?" request.

Sue H made a row of these 1/4 log cabin type blocks, saying " I liked the effect this block gives although its very simple"  She's added some almost solids: great fabric choices Sue!

Julie made a row of crazy log cabin blocks with gorgeous (and prefect) flowers in the centres.  " I chose this 'crazy' design because I wanted to try something new (for me) I used strips to make it, without a pattern. Hope it works!?" - oh yes, it works!!!!

Ruth made a row of these "square on point in a square.  I loved the colours"  She added some calming greens too which work really well, as do the blocks

Sue B added a row of pinwheels with a lovely salmonny spraytime tying them all together.  She wrote "I like playing with half square triangles.  Also I think pinwheels always look fun and playful" - I was hoping someone would do HSTs - lovely to look at but I'm not a fan of making them!

And Hilary must have read my mind for my other 'hoped for' design.  She wrote "I love working with bright colours and wanted to introduce some of me own patterned fabric.  the curves in the block 'Drunkard's Path' contrast with the other blocks"  I had hoped for a few curves, but got prefect drunkards path portholes!!!!

In case you didn't realise, I am really chuffed with my returned strips!!  I'm eager to add some sashing and getting this finished!  Thank you all

And the bag - its this lovely every day tote - a PDF with loads of idiot proof photos
Thank you Emma and Liz

Good job I've got a week off next week - guess what I'll be making!


  1. Wow, lucky you! Bit of a pot luck but it works so well.

  2. I saw that you had won this morning in my blog feed! Congrats!
    I'm liking February too.

  3. What a great set of blocks your fellow quilters put together for you Benta!

  4. I love the blocks the group made for you and isn't it fab that you have a new bag to make on your week off :-)

  5. Lucky duck.

    The colours in your quilt are great - it reminds me a little of pop art.

  6. Wait, does this mean you're actually going to follow a pattern?!

  7. This is a fabulous quilt! I can see why you love it :)

  8. wonderful quilt! How lucky you are to be part of such a great group


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