Wednesday 4 February 2015

A Lighthouse, and Lisa

Do you have a favourite Lighthouse?  I confess it's not something I have given much thought about, but some people do! - And there is a genetic link, so who knows what is waiting in my future!

My Father asked me to make him a Lighthouse quilt.  It came about because he's seen a quilt of lighthouse blocks (I guess a BOM type) and really liked it, but couldn't get the kit.  My mind started playing with some ideas, and I  bought a variety of fabrics that I thought would work,  but then his plan evolved -  I was handed a book: Pacific and Northwest Lighthouses . . .

. . . And told his favourite lighthouse was Cape Flattery in Washington.  The book had a photo with far too many angles

And another that shows it's actually a distance from the sea, both vertically and horizontally

So I needed more inspiration - so my next visit was, where else but Pinterest!

OK, so the area looks beautiful, but nothing much to inspire me, until I see this piece of art

So far, this is what my version looks like

(Yes I know the buildings are floating at the moment, sand fabric on order)

And an update on Lisa - she's renting a room in a a shared house in Melbourne, and spending her days looking for work . . .  and crocheting granny squares

(And she sent me this photo - her room mate Ryan trying to work out the best arrangement of the squares!)


  1. Way to go Lisa!!! I love the colours. Fab lighthouse very impressive

  2. Yes love lighthouses. I seem to have quite a few pictures of John 'pushing them over' or 'picking them up' in a really silly but artful (of course) way. :-) I'm glad Lisa is being creative whilst away.

  3. Honestly this is a question I have never been asked .. or thought about!.. now IT IS GOING TO HAUNT ME!!! lol x well done so far .. how many are you going to do .. or is it just the one? ... well done to Lisa for keeping busy while on the job search x

  4. I have a thing for light houses. Probably because of their reassuring nature to keep boats from crashing on the rocks. I like the thought of a light guiding me on a dark night. I will look forward to your process. Your first block is beautiful. I don't imagine this to be an easy task. Do you live in the Pacific Northwest? Will you be making lighthouses just from that area? Janita

  5. Share housing in Melbourne - I remember those days fondly, and I'm sure Lisa will, too. Ryan seems to be taking his job very seriously!

    The light house is coming along so well. Where did you find those great sky and water fabrics?

  6. Crikey, he doesn't ask for much, does he?!!

  7. Oh, don't let Lisa go along the Great Ocean Road and send your dad back more lighthouse pics or the quilt will end up enormous ;o)


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