Friday 20 February 2015

Brother Feet (and Janome Feet)

I have a Brother sewing machine (actually, I have a *few* Brother sewing machines, we shan't discuss the quantity - look at your hand and count the fingers, shhhhh!)

This means I have A LOT of Brother feet, and over the years they have been mixed up and their original purpose lost or forgotten.

I spent an evening sorting the feet, and cross referencing with the manuals and with this very helpful site, Sew4Home.  Although they refer to Janome feet, they look the same to me, and there is a lot of information about the feet here, here and here - with large detailed photos too.

So I started with a pile of feet looking something like this (this pic 'borrowed' from the  Sew4Home site)

And now I have two compartmented boxes with all feet (bar one) identified by name and, where applicable, letter which will hopefully mean I get more adventurous rather than just using the standard foot for virtually everything.

I'm posting these pics here to make it easy for me to remember what foot goes where, but hopefully it will help others too.  If you click on the pic it will enlarge, but if you need a better photo of any of them just let me know.

Oh, and top left - any ideas?  It's impressed with the letter J, but is nothing like the J beneath it!

Another useful blog post is here


  1. It looks like a standard zigzag foot that fits generic machines plus Toyota, Brother and Singer...

  2. WOW! Im impressed x mine are just in a little bag!.. maybe I should have a sort out !

  3. So your queried J really is a J, the standard feet are slightly different between the Brother machines. What you have marked as your 'over edge foot' is actually your 1/4" foot with guide.

  4. Great organising Benta and hope to see demonstrations of these in use soon!

  5. Is it an open toe appliqué foot? I need to do this with mine must add it to the list

  6. labeled and all! Well done. Mine are just siting on top of my machine.


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