Thursday 19 February 2015

Copious Cars

Several years ago, probably before I even started this blog, one of the girls wanted to make a quilt for a boyfriend, a boyfriend whose hobby was cars (driving them, taking them apart, fixing them, putting them back together: you get the picture!) He was a handy chap to have around, helping us through the trauma of buying a few cars, and even diagnosing and fixing a starter motor problem over the phone having been woken by the phone call!
Anyhow, he was a lovely lad, and the daughter showed an interest in fabric so I encouraged it and bought some suitable fabric. While I waited for her to start I bought a bit more, and by the time she finished with him there was *cough* quite a lot. We'd cut the fabric into 8" square with a plan to add in black squares as make a vanishing 9 patch, but I now see it would have been HUGE!
I found the squares and joined black to both sides of a few, to make an offset square (LJ7R) design

And even quilted it,
Although I wasn't very happy with the quilting - but as its black the rucks don't show too well on the photos, so I don't need to show you!
There were some more colourful fabrics that were going to be the centre on the 9 patch, and therefore the little squares in the V9P, and they didn't really go in the mostly black layout, so they became their own quilt:

With a bit of echo quilting

And there was still more fabric, so the final one just has a thin sashing to break up the blocks

And I spray basted this one which made a lot of difference to the quilting (centre of each block and each sashing)

Not sure where these are going, but it's very satisfying to use up some old fabric!

(number 3 is just as bright as number 1, but I guess the light was going by the time I took the photo


  1. That certainly is a lot of car fabric :) I particularly like the third one.

  2. A busy half term - well done for using up the car fabrics!

  3. OMG - you win! The contest for using up stash until it's gone!
    I am NOT sewing up my five (5!) boxes of airplane fabrics. I insist on keeping them for a special day.

  4. Nice to see 'boy' quilts for a change. :-)

  5. Good use of fabric! Have you thought about donating them to Sibings Together? ( and


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