Sunday 22 February 2015

Copied Cathedrals

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about various methods of achieving Cathedral Window blocks, and showed some samples ready for a class I'm teaching.

A friend, Janet, saw the post and decided to have a go.  I saw her blocks yesterday and realised this was a method I hadn't covered either in the previous post, or as a class sample!

Janet's blocks (pinned together *very* roughly by me) inspired me, so I decided to copy:


I had a pack of a dozen batik charms from Plum for Christmas sitting on my work bench, and the black from the cars quilts was still there, so I had a play this afternoon

I drew, with my trustie Flixon pen, 5" circles onto the batik, and cut them out, then placed each one on a black square, and stitched them together, all the way round

I cut out the black circle too then cut a 1" slit in the batik near the edge, and pulled the fabric through.  I shaped it and pressed it, then drew a 3" square in the centre of each circle (the best fit of an edge to edge square)

I pinned the strips together making sure I matched the lines back and front

I stitched the seams, then pressed the petals open.  Can you guess the " deliberate" mistake?  Yep, all the frixon marks have now vanished! 

Luckily the frixon pen leaves a slight scratch mark on the batik - usually a pain but this time it was an advantage so I was able to stitch the rows together, then press the new petals open too.

I rather like the scollopd edges but I hadn't thought it through and and some of the turning slits are at the edges, so I had to press over the outer petals too - luckily I rather like it like this too

Not sure what will happen to this next, but for now it's a very pretty sample for my class.

Thank you Janet, and thank you Plum


  1. don't you just love it when "playing" works out and the beauty in your head appears in your hands ? xx

  2. Wow! That looks amazing! Love it!

  3. Ooo, pretty! I have always loved cathedral windows, but have never attempted them.

  4. So many ways to put a window in a cathedral, so little time!

  5. They are are just Stunning!
    I love Cathedral Windows blocks,they are so colorful.

    Have fun week.

  6. These look great. Do you think this technique would work for a whole bed quilt or would it be bulky around the petals?


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