Monday 2 March 2015

Binding, Book Covers and a Blanket

I've not done much sewing recently - I'm trying to lose weight and as an incentive agreed with Niki that I wouldn't cut into new fabric until I lost 4lbs!

The cars fabric had been cut years ago, so the rules allowed me to make them, and two have now been finished, just a bit to go on the third binding:

And I could make book covers from scraps, so they were allowed - and anyway are samples for a work shop, so were exempt from the rules

At tonight's weight in I've finally lost the last half of the 4lbs, so tomorrow I can start on a new project!!!!

Lisa however has finished a project - her friend Ryan is modelling her granny square blanket!

Well done Lisa! Xx


  1. Ha ha, good work finding those loop holes :)

    Wow, Lisa has been busy!

  2. What a great incentive for weight loss! Congratulations on your progress. I'm trying, too, but not cutting fabric might depress me too much and then I'd eat... Good luck to both of us!

  3. I like the way you think! A fabric "reward" is a great incentive. Nice granny blanket too!

  4. Those rules seemed very bendable Benta :)

  5. Lol! Gotta have a fabric fix! Gotta have a fabric fix!! Well done on the weight loss though.

  6. Well done Lisa fab blanket, I love the colours. Great idea for the weight loss and a lovely reward for shedding the pounds:-)

  7. Excellent progress - and excellent projects on your pre-cuts or 'allowed' cuts! Well done you (and well done Lisa!).


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