Sunday 8 March 2015

Bits and Pieces

I've been clearing a few things from my work bench:

I had a boring black and a very right red rose printed pashmina -

but scarves annoy me as they come unwrapped from my neck, so a bit of cutting and a bit of sewing later . . .

I have a black and rose infinity scarf

I don't think I've shown one of my more detailed machine embroideries - a customer asked for a traction engine (!!!)  It took a fair amount of research to find an image I felt I could trace and he felt represented a traction engine - but we finally got there, and he got these


And I bought a small portable charger for my phone, but the leads kept hiding in the depths of my hand bag, so I made it its own little case
(annoyingly there is too little fabric at the bottom and you can see the stitching, but it's for me, and for a first attempt just one mistake is acceptable!)


  1. Lovely scarf. I haven't tried the infinity scarves yet, but they do seem to look nice.

  2. love what you did with your scalf .. so much better than just lying in a drawer xx NEXT TIME you make a little bag it will be soooo much better because you tried .. and learnt what not to do xx looks good from here ! lol x

  3. Love that phone charger zip bag fabric. Sweetwater goodness - road 15 -- one of my faves.
    I love the resulting scarf too - not so bright red, not so boring black - great hack.

  4. Great conversion of the annoying pashminas into a gorgeous infinity scarf Benta. Those traction engines are pretty impressive too :)

  5. Love the scarf! And everything else of course.

  6. Your new scarf is fantastic ! And I would never ever have seen the "sewing" ... to me, that phone charger bag just looks great ;-)

  7. Such a great idea.Your new scarf is super cute ándalos the phone charger!,

    have a fun week.

  8. Your scarf is beautiful! I bet you look very chic in it!

  9. Brilliant work, as ever, Benta!


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