Monday 30 March 2015

A Bag? Or a Basket?

What is the difference between a bag or a basket? I made two today: same method but different measurements.

The one I made for husband's lunch is probably a bag:

While the one I made for my recently created 'hexie kit' is probably more of a basket

My hexie kit fits perfectly!

Is it a bit OCD to like to have my hexies all lined up neatly? It may be, but it makes me happy! (And that toothpaste boxes make the perfect size boxes for these hexies makes me happy too!)


  1. Lovely bagskets! Your OCD is making me OCD because I would have to Papier Mache those boxes together to make a whole unit.

  2. Love the bag and the basket and the gorgeous hexies!

  3. They look great bags/baskets, and especially when filled with those hexies! They look gorgeous and colourful - and incredibly neat and organised too!

  4. I love Amanda's suggestion of bagskets! Your hexie arrangement is gorgeous :)


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