Wednesday 1 April 2015

Star Gazing

I started my Lone Star quilt long after everyone else in the western world, and it had several long "holidays" when no progress was made: mostly due to its difficult-to- manoeuvre size.

But it has finally been finished, bound, and had what I refer to as a haircut.

My next problem was finding somewhere to photograph it!

It's about 240cm x 165cm, (94 x 64")


  1. Nice big quilt. I really like big quilts, they give such a sense of accomplishment!

  2. wow it looks wonderful ... you just let every one else work out the knots and problems ... THEN you had a go xx

  3. Fab quilt well done on another finish

  4. Looks good! Well done on a biggie. Can't quite see how you've quilted it though.

  5. Congratulations on another fab finish Benta!

  6. I can promise you wont be the last one to make this quilt cause that will probably be me ;-) I have fabric for two versions: a retro one and a rainbow version. What scares me the most is how to quilt these monsters, but you gave me a good idea. Congratulations on tackling yours!


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