Thursday 9 April 2015

Pinterest Problem

I know sometimes Pins on Pinterest have a missing link - ones where if you click on the pic it doesn't take you anywhere.

I pinned this Easter Chick basket a while ago, and in the last few days have wanted to make it

The picture takes me to this blog, but its just the same photos as on Pinterest.  The watermark on the photo is but its all in Chinese (I think) and certainly no chick baskets are evident.

I have created my own pattern and instructions, but afterwards I found a link to this blog where Tiffany has done the same thing!  So if you want to make this basket maybe look at her instructions and mine and have a go!

You'll need to print this pattern piece: the PDF can be down loaded here

And you'll need these instructions:(the PDF is here)

I took photos as I went, so hopefully these will help too

Pieces cut: 

Instruction 1

Instruction 2

Instruction 5

 Instructions 7 & 8

Instruction 9

 Instruction 11

 Instruction 15

I try not to think of this as being late for this Easter - rather being *very* early for next Easter!

PS I know my written instructions aren't brilliant - if you find  mistake please let me know!


  1. I love that chicken it's definitely going on the to do list

  2. Cute.
    Good job not chickening

  3. I like it, but I like it even better that you can make your own pattern from just a picture. Now that's the real talent!

  4. I love your chicken, and love that you've taken the trouble to jot down the instructions for us too - thank you!

  5. You are never knowingly defeated Benta!


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