Sunday 5 April 2015

Friendship and Fabric (part 1)

To misquote various cards and gifts ... There is nothing better than spending time with a good friend, unless it's a friend with fabric!

And this weekend I'm enjoying both! I've got a three day pass and I'm spending it all in Ireland with Jackie

There was an exchange of gifts . . .

There was the making of one Every Day tote bag (pattern won recently, can be bought here)

Followed by another (Getting the hang of zips now!)

And another one, slightly modified due to shortage of fabric for the handles

Not bad for day one!!! Especially considering there was shopping and an awful lots of talking and catching up to do, as well as games with young master "nearly one" and having to be polite to other members of the family as well as a meal or two to be cooked and consumed!


  1. Lovely bright tote bags. Have a lovely time in Ireland

  2. Love the bags and love the blue heart fabric!! I'm not a bright person lol


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