Monday 6 April 2015

Friendship and Fabric part 2

Day two in Ireland saw us out for a drive to visit a library with a quilt exhibition . . . we got there, and found the library - but it was CLOSED! Not impressed!

We consoled ourselves with a coffee and a slice of cake in a very quirky bookshop, then back 'home' to make a gathered basket

And thread catcher each

And a zippy pouch each (from Svetlana's Lola Pouch)

I love how wide these open - great for seeing what's inside

In the evening I added a "First" - my first hurling match! I had the game explained to me on my last visit (posted here) and now I've watched a match - just as bizarre as I understood it to be - the ball can be thrown by hand, held in a hand while the player runs, hit with the stick, or seemingly stuck to the stick while the player runs.   It all happened too fast for any photos, but a great evening, and here's a pic of a hurling stick (stick? bat? club?)


  1. On the gather ed basket, I wonder if using bias tape would eliminate some of those wrinkles in the binding???
    Hurl on.

  2. well, at least the day was productive

  3. well, at least the day was productive


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