Sunday 28 July 2013

Hurling for Foreigners

I have today been introduced to the game of Hurling, let me tell you about it.  

Take a pitch, I'm guessing about twice the size of a football pitch, add rugby goals and football goals too.   Throw on loads of players,  give each one a stick that looks like a golf club that was run over by a steam roller.

Tell the players that they can move the ball on the ground like hockey, they can smash it to the other end of the pitch like tennis, they can pick it up and run with it or they can (I think) Velcro it to their stick and run with it (think egg and spoon race). While reminiscing about childhood sports days,  tell them they are allowed to squabble like children, and that wrestling is also allowed. 

Yes, I think that covers it, thank you Paul for the introductory lesson.  (Any errors may reflect more on my inability to grasp *any* sports than on Paul's ability to teach!)

I'm off back to the sewing room to do done quilting designs on this 


  1. Ah yes, it's very similar to shinty. You have to be a special kind of nutter to play either of them ;o)

  2. Next you should try Gaelic Football Benta more mayhem less rules :)

  3. Lovely quilt, Benta but really you DON"T want to play Gaelic football!


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