Thursday 25 July 2013

Travelling Thursday

So school finished yesterday, and my boss seemed very pleased with his quilt, (and I was very spoilt by the lovely families at school) and today I'm off to Ireland to have 4 days at a sewing retreat (aka Jackie's house)

First I made a couple of bags just because I *had* to sew something this week

Then I tidied Lisa's room so she can come home, trouble is there is only one place to move the stuff

Anyway, I'll deal with that little problem when I get back.  Hope you have a lovely weekend, I reckon I will!


  1. Hi Benta! Enjoy and have fun in Ireland! Those bags with cats are super! x Teje

  2. have a wonderful time xx loving the cat fabric... and the bags of course x

  3. Fab bags!! Have a wonderful weekend. You deserve the Me time!! xx

  4. Hope you're having a fab weekend in Ireland :o)


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