Tuesday 2 July 2013

Woodwork Wednesday

Not me woodworking, don't worry, my new friend Darren is a woodworker: he has done calico bags to put customer's purchases in, but wanted his logo added to the bags.

Cost wise it wasn't viable to post the bags to and then me to oust them back, so I made the logo as a badge (splash patch we used to call them when I was s kid) and posted them to him.

They should arrive with him on Wednesday, so Katy and Hadley, no sarky comments about my desperate need for alliteration resulting in me ignoring that today is Tuesday!

Go and have a look at Darren's stuff - it's awesome!!!!!!

Here are some pics I pinched from his fabebook page, I dont think he'll mind!


  1. Love the look for the woodworking pieces! x

  2. I knew you'd sort him!! So happy. :-) xxxxxx

    And his stuff is very touchy too, he finishes them so beautifully.

  3. Beautiful woodwork and badges!

  4. Lovely looking woodwork - and great splash patches (I'd forgotten that they were called that!).

  5. Well I am reading this on Wednesday - so now I am confused!

  6. The badges are a good idea. I like his logo and that he uses calico bags :)


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