Wednesday 17 July 2013

Tangled Threads

In the last post I used some embroidery threads.  They all come in similar packaging, but I can't help feeling there is a design fault!

When you buy them, they look lovely

They get a bit tangled as you carefully take off the first metre or so 

They then, while you aren't looking,  transform themselves into a birds nest

My second purchase from the Works was a pack of these

And last night I spent a few hours watching TV and transforming my birds nests into these 

While I was wrapping the thread around the dolly peg I pulled quite tight.  This pulled the 'legs' together so the end of the thread could wedge in the end of the peg 


  1. I wind my threads on to the cards to keep them tidy, it is bizarre that no-one has come up with a better system isn't it?

  2. Now hang on a minute! You're being far to clever and industrious for the end of term. lol

  3. brilliant as always! I've been using scraps of cereal box cardboard, but yours look much nicer.

  4. They almost look like ladies! Only half dressed though!

  5. Very fun way to solve the problem.

  6. That's such a good idea Benta.

  7. I always take the tubes off first and carefully open up so the loops go round my hand, unwind what I need, then carefully tie a knot in the middle, which seems to preserve the loops too


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