Sunday 28 July 2013

Sunday Sewing

So much fun sewing with someone else!

This is Jackie's sewing room . . .

where yesterday we marked the quilting pattern for the Rainbow quilt, 

Pieced together some of the text charms 

to make a lamp shade

And cut, stitched, and bordered this lovely tumblers quilt, 

and even pieced its backing, and cut and joined pieces for a scrappy binding!

as well as planning future projects and future visits

Thank you again Jackie for a fab "retreat"  long weekend, see you in 9 sleeps in Birmingham!!!!!!!


  1. You were busy little bees! Glad you had fun :o)

  2. that sewing room looks far too tidy! glad you had fun

  3. Looks like you both had a blast!! Well done on lots of finishes and have fun at FoQ. :-)

  4. Best weekend ever! I should point out that Benta did all the working out and marking on the rainbow quilt while I sat drinking a coffee! Thank you for all your hard work :-) 8 sleeps now!

  5. looks like a good time x its not just the sewing its the chance to rumage in someone elses stash I love!! mind you it looks a bit tidy there xx lol x


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