Tuesday 9 July 2013

Saturday Sewing

Still not getting any sewing done myself, so I'm sharing a bit more from one of my classes:

On Saturday morning I taught one of two Saturday morning Fun With Fabric classes at my school: two new families came and attached a number of squares towards a quilt for the local neonatal unit.

The youngest children were a bit young to sew, so they did some sticking instead


  1. Fun for all the family!

  2. How well prepared that you had something fun for the littlies to do too!
    Hope that you have energy enough for some of your own sewing soon - even though the hot weather seems here to stay for the moment.

  3. I think I used to hate the late summer term the most, so much to do and lots of pressure. It took half the summer holidays to get over it!!! You will soon be sewing again. xx

  4. Nice to involve the community in making a quilt. Enjoy


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